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Constantly learning for clients

I love learning and believe that constant development is hugely important.  Things change and advancements in science and technology drive the need to remain current.  This is also true in health and fitness industry with new research and trends.  I completed my ActiveIQ Level 3 Personal Trainer course in April 2016 and it was a good foundation but I felt incomplete at the end and, whilst qualified, I didn’t feel 100% prepared.  I knew there had to be more and, whilst good, the content was not consistent with my training ethos with a weight lifting and aerobic training bent.  It didn’t seem enough to really make an impact, I understand that may sound arrogant so let me clarify.

I understand that a course needs to be standardised and, arguably, in the fitness world it would be hard to cover everything.  I also understand that it’s hard for an organisation to keep pace with all the current trends and advancements.  I also understand that everyone has to start somewhere and its the entry point, the content was valuable, it gave me a foundation on which to build and the initial tools to begin my personal training adventure… but I knew deep down that I needed more; I’m a sucker for knowledge and couldn’t leave it there and knew my clients would also benefit.

When I heard that Kristoph and the team at Sideways8 were developing an Advanced PT course, what the content was and how it was structured it was a no-brainer; it filled the gaps and was bang up to date.

The course covered:

  • Posture and Movement Analysis
  • Kettlebells
  • Functional Training & Conditioning
  • Lifestyle and Behavioural Change
  • Marketing and Sales

Leaving the last one behind, for a moment, the first four are immensely important to me and something I’ve been passionate about in my own journey to good health.  These will also be important for my future clients and will explain why through each post.

Without shooting myself in the foot on the marketing and sales side I am not at all into body building and, as mentioned before, not a fan of the gym environment.  Having been desk bound for all of my career, and having suffered as a result, I needed to focus on my posture, I needed to move well and often and I needed to build my core stability and strength.  I started my own journey with Kettlebells to address my back pain and, whilst I was pleased my self taught technique was ok, we all need an experts eye on improving and nailing the perfect technique; critical when you’re swing heavy lumps of metal around.

The growing industry buzz phrase of functional training is, I believe, misunderstood by consumers. Functional training isn’t, and can never be, a one size fits all and I would argue that it is hard (if not impossible) to do on your own without knowledge.  We are all individuals and all have our own potted histories of injuries, repetitive work patterns or poor posture i.e., dysfunction.  Functional training is, therefore, as individual as you are and should help build the strongest version of you for the tasks you need to complete every day.

I was pretty keen about posture and movement analysis before the Advance Personal Trainer course, having followed Gray Cook, Founder of FMS, and Kelly Starrett, founder of MobilityWOD, for a while now, and I’ve since become almost fanatical about posture and movement analysis and how functional training can be prescribed as a corrective using an array of training and tools.  I always enjoyed people watching but now its people analysing and working out how I could help them!  With our permanently attached little screens, desk jobs and poor mobility we are a nation sliding into dysfunction and that can only lead to exacerbated neck, back and hip problems in years to come.

Back to sales and marketing! Of course it is important, one needs to make a living after all, but my motivation is in helping people through using a combination of the tools and techniques I have learnt and really understanding you as an individual.  Change is hard, be it dietary or health, daily movement or conquering a big challenge, and I now believe I have the tools to ensure I can be in your corner supporting you on your own journey what ever your goals may be; the learning, however, will never stop!

I will be posting more on each topic as the weeks progress and now that 2017 is here you'll be seeing a lot more from Fitnique.