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Posture and Movement Analysis

I love this stuff.  In fact if you become a client of mine this is ground zero.  We begin here and your plan will be rooted in how well you move by assessing a handful of key movement patterns using this fancy bit of kit!

Mobility Squat testThink of it as a doctor understanding your symptoms so the correct treatment can be prescribed.  I truly believe I cannot do my job properly as a Personal Trainer without understanding how well you move and, believe me, there will be very few people on the planet who move perfectly without dysfunction.  I know I can’t, but I can move better than I did about three years ago and, have improved year on year using the right training.

Now perfection is not the goal, and I would be promising way too much to say that I could get you to perfection.  The aim, however, should be to move frequently, move freely, to build stability and strength in the movement patterns your life demands of you as well as improved all round ability.

Have a think about your day, how much time are you on your bum?  When you move how well do you (really) think you move?  Do you ever get up, or down, and a little groan sneaks out?

Sitting is killing us as a population and we do so much of it, and it’s getting worse, if you don’t believe me take a look at this article on the Lord of Functional Movement, Gray Cook’s site - FMS

Let me reiterate, if you were to engage me, we would start here whatever your goal.  I would even be willing to bet you (maybe a free fifth session!) that over time, with the right selection of exercises, I could improve your agility, strength and help you to be less injury prone than you have ever been.  The reason I am passionate and confident about making that bet is that since learning about this, on the Advanced PT course, I have evaluated existing clients and significantly changed their plans and seen improvements.

If I can help you move better then you will be able to walk, run, cycle, with more ease, lift more load more efficiently and, get through your usual business day with more ease.

Things like weight loss, muscle gain, endurance will all be by products.  Of course those by products can happen if I just flogged you to death with the latest training trend or loaded up a barbell for you but how long would it be before you got injured or felt you were just being flogged on a weekly basis and gave up.  This approach takes training to a new level, it establishes a rock solid foundation on which to build.

I will absolutely honour your goals but my duty is to train you personally, holistically and intelligently.  So I ask you this, would you trust a doctor that didn’t properly understand your symptoms, undertake the right tests and dished out a standard prescription you weren’t sure would make you better?  I wouldn’t….


Posture and Movement Certificate