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Private Training

Privacy is important to me

First of all, my adoption of social media for Fitnique supports my ethos of being private whilst sharing things I believe to be generally useful and related to my training beliefs and practices and my adventures.  Prior to starting Fitnique I wasn’t even on social media, at all.  LinkedIn, but that isn’t the same and I never fully participated.

I am, by nature, a private person and not a trumpet blower.  Some may think that detrimental to running a business, specifically in this industry.  Privacy is, therefore, my "unique selling point"; every business needs one apparently!

Consequently, I believe my clients have a right to privacy so you’ll never see them on social media.  I may photograph an element of training, but the client will never be identifiable.  Maybe an arm with a kettlebell or a leg on a mat but never more.  For the most part it will be me and my ugly mug!

Isn’t it important for people to see you training people?

Not really.  Sorry for being blunt!  Here’s why.  If a client has decided they want to make a change and they have committed to hire me to help them with that change I believe it is theirs to share, not mine.  Also my primary focus is on the training and technique.

If I do my job right I would rather clients receive compliments directly from their family and friends.

“Wow, you look great!”

“You look toned!”

“Have you lost weight?”

“Tell me your secret!”

How much of a boost is that?  Most of all the confidence, pride and inner glow to be gained when the client's nearest and dearest clearly see the results.  Probably priceless.

Consider the opposite scenario.

“oh, I see you have hired a personal trainer”

“what are you doing that for?”

“that looks hard”

“how can you afford that?”

The differences, whilst subtle, could construed as negative.  The comments come from the viewpoint of the observer and, sometimes, reflect their feelings not the recipients.

What do I get out of it?

My clients own their objectives and should, therefore, be responsible and rewarded for their goals.  My job and objectives are to help clients achieve their goals and provide them with the knowledge, techniques and methods to continue sustaining their change without me.

Consequently my clients own their journey and their outcomes, and it is theirs to share and be proud of.  Ultimately, I will be proud of them for achieving what we set out to do.


Personal Trainer