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Weekly Video - Hip Hinge

Hip Hinge (Deadlift) Technique

What on earth is that I hear you ask?!

If you have a look at a baby picking stuff up they will invariably hip at the hips first.  The brain, even in infancy, will test the load and decide if it can be lifted from this position or if the body needs to transition to a squat position.  As we get older we forget this or, rather, we adapt to our surroundings and modify our lifting techniques to suit.  All too often, however, we start using other areas to bend, i.e. upper or lower back, rather than hips and glutes.

Have you ever done a days gardening, DIY or general lifting and carrying, think babies, toddlers, infants, luggage, boxes, etc, and had that all too familiar ache?  I expect it was because the muscles and position used to lift wasn't the one we were born and learnt to do it was the one that is most expedient, not most correct, at the time!

Practising a few of the techniques in this video may help reprogram the brain to what feels right.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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