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Weekly Video - Hips and Hamstrings

Hips and Hamstrings 

Hip and hamstring health is of particular importance but we rarely pay them much attention.  I make no apologies for continually referring to sitting as the main reason our bodies are closing in on us; it is the root of a lot of dysfunctional movement.  I speak from experience here as my hamstrings are still banjo-like even having worked on them for a good while, mobility is improving but requires constant maintenance.

Hips, particularly with the position of the pelvis and the interaction of the femur, can become tight and certain regular positions, e.g. carry a baby on the same hip, can cause left/right imbalances which can manifest in lower back or knee pain.

The hamstrings, a group of muscles, shorten and weaken in prolonged sitting positions.  Combined with restricted hip mobility this can significantly reduce the stride length, in combination with tight hip flexors this can also lead to lower back or knee pain.  If you are a runner, or want to take up running but have been a sitter for a long time you may find that a lot of energy is expended fighting something called reciprocal inhibition which this article explains nicely; basically it is the opposing muscles working against each other which becomes harder when one muscle group is tighter.

This video shows some techniques in mobilising the hips as well as starting to work on and actively stretch the hamstrings.

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